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Special Issue “Gene Editing for Therapy and Reverse Genetics of Blood Diseases”

by Μαρίνα Στογιάννη

Dear ΕΕΓΘΑΙ/HSGTRM Members and Friends,

I invite your contribution of research and review articles for the MPDI Genes Special Issue “Gene Editing for Therapy and Reverse Genetics of Blood Diseases” (IF 4.096), with submission deadline 25th July 2022. Irrespective of that deadline, peer-reviewed articles accepted for publication are rapidly published and listed on PubMed. On that note, review and processing at MDPI Genes are swift, routinely under 14 days for full first-round review.  

The topics of interest in the context of gene editing and blood biology include but are not limited to:

  • Editing primary disease-causing mutations;
  • Editing disease modifiers, developmental regulators and pathologically relevant pathways;
  • The treatment or development of cellular and animal models by editing;
  • Improvements in post-editing cell survival, stemness and engraftment behavior;
  • Improvements in the in vivo or in vitro efficiency and specificity of delivery for editing tools;
  • The improvement of or insights into in vivo and ex vivo selection mechanisms for editing events;
  • Comparisons of editing platforms, of gene therapy strategies and of vectors for the delivery of editors and/or templates;
  • New or improved editing technology for RNA, the nuclear or mitochondrial genome and the epigenome;
  • The application of editing technology for the diagnosis and for the detection and verification of disease biomarkers;
  • The modification of the balance between homology-directed repair, non-homologous end joining and other editing events;
  • Safety assessment and optimization for on- and off-target activity.

Note that publication charges for MDPI Genes are CHF 2400 (approximately €2300) for accepted articles and immediate open access, with availability of discounts (including for many Greek institutions, see here) and without any hidden charges. Feel free to contact me (lederer@cing.ac.cy) (e.g. with a draft title and a planned date for full submission) for show of interest and Catherine Wang, the section managing editor at MDPI, (catherine.wang@mdpi.com) for further information regarding submission.

Looking forward to your science!


Gene Editing for Therapy and Reverse Genetics of Blood Diseases – Message from the Guest Editor

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